Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photoshoot done!

well, it was done yesterday. as you can see from the post below, it was a beautiful day, and the venue was just lovely.

and it was so much fun! dee and i got to work with wonderful vendors including: debbie chang - circle ten events coordinator/facilitator/designer (and more) of this event, jamie michele - makeup artist perfectionist, alice hu - style me pretty featured photographer, irene legaspi - hair, and more of whom i will mention in a more formal recap of the day's photoshoot!

and i got to wear my wedding dress! i got to wear 2 actually: the other one was the one that i wore during the father-daughter dance. =) and i wore 3 different hair styles. it was just a great experience altogether. no stress, just fun!

more to come!


Debbie@CircleTenEvents said...

Thanks for your super sweet comments! I heard the pictures turned out amazing! We should be getting some sneak peeks soon! :)

Debbie@CircleTenEvents said...

Well, you showed up absolutely gorgeous, but the glam squad managed to make you look even more amazing because they are so talented like that! :)

I'm sooooo glad you like your photos! Thank you for participating AND thank you for making my day with all of your super sweet comments!!! :) You and Dee look tres tres chic and I get goosebumps looking at your photos. Your gown and the venue were my inspiration.

I'll definitely let you know when the accessories are up on Etsy! :)

Thanks again for being my cheerleader! :)