Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a ...

So hubby and I had our fetal survey appointment on Monday where we found out the sex of our baby! We were supposed to find out last week on Tuesday, so my excited self found it hard to sleep and then slept through the appointment; I was super bummed...I mean SUPER bummed. I ugly cried (snorting, choking, inability to speak clearly) to my sister...who, by the way, laughed at me because she couldn't understand what I was saying. I see, now, how it was funny, but I felt terrible at the time! Luckily, I did not advertise on Facebook or Twitter or Blogger about when we were going to find out. I did mention it to some people via word of mouth, but that's all. And every time someone asked me what the baby was, it just dampened my spirits. I felt like I was already a bad mother for not being able to wake up for an appointment with the doctor...well, I finally got over it.

Anyways...want to know what we're having? Check out our baby website!