Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Need Wedding Music Inspiration?

The hubs found this:

Free Wedding Music Sampler - Full MP3 Album Download @ Amazon


Ten tracks w/ 5-star reviews.


Good luck!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured on!

This photo from our engagment session with JAC was featured on Minkette. Check it out here! I love Rebecca Minkoff bags!! The purses are super fab: great looking and functional!! I need more!! And how exciting it is to be featured there!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

so what's up!?

it has been the summer of birthdays! the hubs and i have made our very best attempt to attend all birthday functions...starting with mine!

i'm 27.

hubby and me.

june birthday crew (june 25, 29, 27 respectively).

sab's birthday.

line's birthday. i baked that black russian cake. yum!

jackie's birthday (center).

melinda's birthday. we went to medieval times!

hubby's birthday. 29, he is.

dee dee's birthday. she introduced me and hubby to each other.

jimmy's birthday (dee's freshman college roommate).

jason's birthday. 28 on 10.15.09. i am totally rockin the berry-red lipstick!! it gets everywhere though!!

happy monday all! by the way, we won our softball game tonight! stats: 3-0-1. yes!

how to make the wedding last...

1. slightly delay writing thank you cards. check.
2. sneak around to try on your wedding gown to see if it still fits. check. check.
3. try to casually bring it up with friends. check.
4. ask friends to share their pictures from your wedding. need more checks!
5. when choosing pictures for your wedding album, look at every single picture your photographer(s) took in detail. in progress.
6. continue chatting on the wedding board forums (i go to forums!) to help out new brides. check.
7. take day-after pictures. check!
8. get noticed. check. =) I've been fortunate to have been featured on The Knot Live, Episode 3.
9. help a friend with her wedding. friend's wedding in October. check.

how can you not expect life to be so grand as your wedding day? it's hard. and i'm dealing. HBO's True Blood is helping. As well as getting into new hobbies such as tweeting, sewing and knitting, and old hobbies like reading and blogging. Oh, and joining a rec soft ball team with hubby, Team Wii Not Fit, has been super fun too!

sorry for lack of's hard to blog. i really admire those who are avid bloggers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

current obsession

Beyonce's new song: Sweet Dreams

love her first outfit! i'm going to jack hub's black dress shirt and wear a belt around it. short black skirt. my OTK boots. yes! ready for a night out!

i'm also just obsessed with her crazy good dance moves. i have been watching this video over and over trying to get something down.

and that gold body suit just blows my mind away!

our minimoon

super sorry for lack of posting. work has been busy, and i am trying to get through looking at all our wedding pictures so i can pick out the ones that will go into the album so that we can finally get the hi-res files!

so i'm going to our honeymoon, well, minimoon more like it. we opted to stay local and save some money. we did just make the biggest expense we have ever made together, and we thought it was the right way to start our official life together.

so after the wedding, we headed down to Torrey Pines (famous for its golf courses; the U.S. Open was there last year) in La Jolla. we stayed at the Hilton Torrey Pines using our Hilton points! score! we ate at some highly recommended restaurants. hiked down to the beach through the Torrey Pines State Park. and just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

us at George's at the Cove; actually we were at the Bistro part of the restaurant, which sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

a short walk from our hotel was the Torrey Pines State Park.

i'm ready!

dee climbing up the cliff...

just cliff.

on our way to the bottom

self shot. skills! we're almost at the bottom.

made it! now we have to go back up...

us at Sushi Ota. we had our first "Omakase." we've tried other restaurants, ordering Omakase, and Sushi Ota has been, by far, superior! i don't remember what any of the dishes were called, but here's what they looked like:

that half-of-a-shrimp was still squirming and moving around while on my plate!!

after we finished this dish, the waitors asked how we wanted our shrimp head cooked. we asked for deep-fried (i wanted baked, but we heard deep-fried was the way to go).

it was a great few days of relaxation and enjoyment. i would highly recommend checking out what's around your'd be surprised at what you find.

thanks for continuing to read! also... TTO has started posting pictures of her amazing wedding!!! check it out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8 years officially together

Wow. A month since I last posted? I'm a bad blogger! My apologies to readers. When life takes over, it takes over everything!

The hubs sent me flowers yesterday in honor of our 8 years together. Then we went out to dinner. I can't believe we've been together that long. Happy anniversary, love! You're the best!