Monday, October 19, 2009

so what's up!?

it has been the summer of birthdays! the hubs and i have made our very best attempt to attend all birthday functions...starting with mine!

i'm 27.

hubby and me.

june birthday crew (june 25, 29, 27 respectively).

sab's birthday.

line's birthday. i baked that black russian cake. yum!

jackie's birthday (center).

melinda's birthday. we went to medieval times!

hubby's birthday. 29, he is.

dee dee's birthday. she introduced me and hubby to each other.

jimmy's birthday (dee's freshman college roommate).

jason's birthday. 28 on 10.15.09. i am totally rockin the berry-red lipstick!! it gets everywhere though!!

happy monday all! by the way, we won our softball game tonight! stats: 3-0-1. yes!

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