Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays, y'all!

IMG_6271, originally uploaded by .reese..

and wishing everyone a Fabulous New Year!

Here's me and the hubs, waiting in line with my cousins to watch Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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made for me...

or i was made for them...custom dresses, that is.

Prom 2000: My mom made me this dress. I wish I had a picture of the back; horizontal strings of pearls held the dress together with my back peeking in between each string. It was amazing!

Here's me and the seamstress, my mom!

My custom wedding gown, made from my mom's wedding gown. Pictured with the bestie.

Me and the seamstress, Janet Brunton.

I guess I'm made for white dresses too. :-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


bridal and baby showers, that is.

but what i really want to show you are all toilet paper/trash bag gowns that were created during these showers!

starting with my bridal shower:

The Grecian Bride

The 80s Bride

The Scary Bride

The Groom. That's my aunt in there...such a good sport. It was a great laugh!

Then there was my friend (and talented wedding coordinator), Linda Ly's (of Grand Soirees) baby shower.

pix 183
The theme was the Great Gatsby. How awesome looking are mom and dad?

pix 184
We made maternity dresses out of trash bags!

Then there was my friend's bridal shower after that:

More toilet paper wedding dresses. How awesome is that flower?? I made it!!!

The bride is the one in white.

And then the most recent bridal shower:

I put the sweetheart top together!

For all the showers I attended, my team won the toilet paper/trash bag dresses. Lucky or stylish? Maybe both!

a bittersweet farewell

to one of my favorite and inspirational bloggers, TTO.

she says good-bye to the wedding world.

i hope she picks up blogging again upon a different journey.

thank you, tto, for taking us along for the ride! hope to read you again in the future! the best to you and your hubs!

i suck...

at all this after-wedding stuff.

I haven't done our Thank You cards, and I haven't picked out our pictures for our wedding album, therefore, we haven't gotten our pictures yet.

Just ordered holiday cards though, so I'm gonna send out our Thank Yous with those suckas.

Happy Holidays, everyone! And Happy Shopping!

congrats lil sister!!

My little sister graduated with an MBA from Pepperdine. We're so proud of her!!


How cute is she? Sorry for the blurriness...I need to get me some photography skills!

And so sorry for lack of posting. I've been having trouble posting pix via blogger, so I've been doing it manually. Boo!