Thursday, February 26, 2009

more progress on my wedding dress

Had another fitting last night!! Yay!! The dress is turning out really great! I can't be more pleased!

Dee, I would much appreciate you stop here right now if you're reading...though i hope you're not since I asked you after my last fitting to stop reading my blog! Thanks babe! Those seeing my blog on readers and through RSS feed, I've made my posts expandable.

Here we go...

So let's back up a bit first...

Here is what the dress originally looked like:

One of the sleeves was already taken off. Please forgive the angle. and please forgive my scrubbiness; I had gone to the gym that day.

This was my dress a month ago:

We were adjusting the top, and trying to figure out how long the tiers should be.

I brought my earrings and bracelet, and i styled my hair (like at a stop light on the way to Janet's) the way I want it for the wedding...a side bun with my fringe sweeped over to the right.

And here is how it looked last night:

The lovely Janet Brunton sewed my mom's original lace bodice to the restyled top. And we're testing out the first 2 tiers to make sure we like the effect of the tulle underneath and to get the right measurements for all the tiers.

The top needs a little more work. I want more of the sweetheart shape.

Here's a look at the back. A hook & eye will need to be put on the dress.

Pretend the top is more of a sweetheart shape.

Playing around with the tiers. We're figuring out the length that will make the bottom 3 tiers equidistant lengths of each other.

Here's a close-up of the seam Janet suggested for the tiers (see first tier). I love it!

imagining how far the dress would come out with crinoline underneath.

testing the scalloped lace on the sweetheart top.

scalloped lace going through to the back.

testing the other lace (orig. lined the tiers) on the other side of my sweetheart top.

other lace on the back.

testing 2nd lace as belt. which lace for the top?

Janet, working her magic.

a peek at my Sergio Rossi shoes...the dress is missing the 4th tier.

Janet is going to make a train for me! Where her finger is where the would end...i think i want to go a little longer!

testing the belt in the front...pinned the bodice in a little bit more (on one side i'll look lopsided in the next few pictures)

belt turned around. it looks better in pictures; i didn't really like it in person.

belt folded in half.

More dresses I had Janet work on...

Here's my day-after brunch dress. It was a size 0, but the top was made for someone with a C-cup.

My fancy dress for our engagment pix. The top was really loose on me...Janet took it in.

this dress is so much fun! this is where my camera died on us. =(

i love all my dresses! i can't wait for our next appointment!

next appt: next month

wedding gown to do list: pick lace trim for the sweetheart top. fix sweetheart top shape. have cups added to gown. take in bodice a little bit more. sew tiers to dress. decide on train length.

can't wait to share more!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Another picture of my dress muse!

source: Peonies and Polaroids

see all my wedding dress posts here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

diy projects i wanna diy

envelope liners
source: gluegunannie

tissue pouches
source: Martha Stewart

vanishing confetti
source: Martha Stewart

button place/seating cards
source: Martha Stewart

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

i knew it!

I knew it was a good idea when I chose this color for the bridesmaid dresses.

Check out these beautiful bridesmaids...handpicked and a favorite of The Knot.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

love this!

Marie Labbancz of Art of Love is amazing! Check out these pix...i hope my gown has the same magic this gown has!

source for pics above: Art of Love

source for all pics above: Art of Love

source: Art of Love

source: Peonies and Polaroids via Art of Love.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

don't sweat it, part II

I keep a box of tissue by my desk so that I can wipe the sweat off my hands. My hands and feet get cold after becoming clammy. I can go through a box of tissue in a week (aka 5 work days). I sit at my desk and my fingers tense up so bad from being wet and cold (mind you, I'm only in my office). When I have to write on documents, I have to use some scratch paper to act as a shield between the document and my hands. When I touch paper, it looks old and used, as if water's been spilled on it and then dried.

I hate meeting new people because that means we have to shake hands. I often avoid it by saying straight up that I'd rather not because my hands are sweaty. And people joke back that I just don't want to shake their hand...I do though. Sometimes, they're confused at why I don't want to shake hands.

I have been trying to get help from my doctor. I tried to mention it in high school when I realized that it wasn't normal, but nothing happened. I mentioned it again to my doctor when I got my own health insurance with my job. Nothing happened. I switched doctors, finally got a referral, waited 6 months, and got nothing.

I decided to do my own research. At first, I could only find things that would help execessive underarm sweating aka auxillary hyperhidrosis. While underarm sweating was another problem to deal with, it wasn't nearly as bad as my sweaty hands and feet. It was nothing that Secret Antiperspirant couldn't help. But then I found Maxim.

I thought Secret was helping...Maxim is awesome. You apply before going to bed, and you're good for like 3 days! No need to apply antiperspirant in the morning. You can only purchase this online though. Some other products that work for exessive underarm sweating: Certain Dri and B+Drier. Both of these can be bought at your local CVS pharmacy.

Source: here

Yes, I did try to apply these products to my hands and feet with no success of stopping or even minimizing the sweating on my hands and feet. *sigh*

I continue my search. Am currently waiting for another referral..which I had to get from another referral.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

love is love is love

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo. via A Practical Wedding.

Please share.

The California Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the validity of Proposition 8 on March 5th. So watch this, cry a little, and email it to someone. Then go sign the petition at the Courage Campaign.

Love will prevail.

Bridesmaid dresses are done!

Siri called me last week and told me that our bridesmaid dresses were done! I was super excited! Now, I'm in So Cal, and the dresses are in Nor Cal. Luckily, one of my BMs lives in SF, so she volunteered to pick them up. But alas, she was in NY for her super wonderful boyfriend picked them up for us! Well I asked him to take pictures for me...his blackberry doesn't take really good I had to wait a week until BM came home so that she could take pix for me.

And here is one of my bridesmaids modeling the dress.

I love the pleated top. I thought it would totally compliment my wedding gown as my tiered skirt is pleated.

You can see it's a bit (really) long. So now we're trying to decide how short to hem these babies. I'm a teeny tiny bit annoyed that the hemming could not be done while the dress was being made...or that it could be...for an extra fee. Ugh.

So what I'm thinking is the girls get the dresses hemmed to just above their knees. Our wedding is late spring/early summer-ish, so I think it would be appropriate. And since my girls range from 4'11" to 5'3", this short length will elongate their legs and make them look taller. Example:

Source: here


Source: here

Source: here

Source: here

Again, here's one of my bridesmaids modeling the different length options:

tea length, i.e. just below the knee

mid-knee length

above the knee

I'm totally diggin' above the knee. Your thoughts please?

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