Thursday, February 5, 2009

don't sweat it...

Too bad I can't help it. I'm about to reveal something about me that has haunted me ever since I can remember. It's caused some difficulty in having a social life, and it's caused me to take major caution with some of the things that I love to do. I've been made fun of for it or made the butt of jokes cuz of it. My sorority nickname mentions the condition (as to be humorous; not to mention it's mean as hell), but I pretty much want to cry when I hear it (it's usually followed by the laughter of everyone else around); I will not be mentioning it. I try to laugh with my friends about it, but it bothers me still.

I have palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.

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My hands and feet crazy...uncontrollably.

I think the first time Dee held my hand (while it was sweating) and did not flinch, I knew he was "the one." It was a profound moment for me, and I can't thank Dee enough for loving me the way I am. In a relationship a long, long time ago, the boy I was dating at the time was pretty much repulsed by my sweaty palms. I'm pretty sure that's why he dumped me. Anyways...still today, Dee will hold my sweaty hands without complaint, and when we release, he never wipes his hand (or at least I don't see it).

The other bad thing about it is that I can't enjoy my shoes. =( I'm a shoe person. I love love shoes. But the sweating makes it hard to walk in my heels. I've slipped out of them and almost fallen countless times because of the sweating. And the sweating freakin ruins my shoes! I have tons of shoes in my closet that still have not been worn yet because I'm afraid to fall and break my face, and because I'm afraid of ruining them!

I'm looking for relief! I will have to use several posts to show you what I've been through, and what procedure I'm trying to get in order to alleviate this annoying and life inhibiting condition.

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mel said...

awww reese! i still love you! and just for the record...i did hold your hand before...and i didn't care! i have luv for u my sweaty girl :)

Mary said...

Wow, Therese you've handled this so well. I'm sure you were figure this out and when you do, it'll change your life. You are awesome no matter what!

Tahoebound2009 said...

I totally feel your pain. I haven't been diagnosed with it but I definitely thought I had it. Now I think it might be more of a social reaction with me. Like when I'm in a social situation where I know I'll have to shake hands or something I start thinking about it happening and that just makes it worse. I hate the part about shoes too because I love heels and sandals but I definitely freak out about it.

Melissa said...

I totally understand. I don't sweat from my hands, or feet but I sweat excessively and seemingly for no reason from my face,head,and upper back at the slightest heat. It is so annoying and it prevents me from wanting to go outside at all if it's hot, which is often here in Southern California. I've been like this my whole life. Who wants to be sweaty girl? It is awful and there has never been anything I could do about it. It runs in my family.