Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what to do with lace

I sooo did not want to write a new post as it will bump my mom's wedding gown down. =( But I found something so lovely that I had to begin again. First, the dilemma: the original lace that lined the tiers of my mom's dress was not going to be enough for the updated design of her dress.

The skirt was originally 2 tiers. Lace was sewn between the 2 tiers to make it appear like there were 4 tiers. One piece of lace did line an actual tier. The bottom of the dress was not lined with lace. Since we're making all the tiers real for the updated design, the lace measures short.

Janet and I brainstormed. We thought about trying to find lace that was similar looking to the original and alternating between that and the original. Except I couldn't really find anything I liked that kind of resembled the original lace. Believe me, I looked!

Well, Janet and I are going in a different direction...inspired by this version dress by Monique Lhuillier:

Janet will sew tulle under my tiers and have it peeking from underneath ever so slightly. This not only gives a similar effect, but also gives the tiers some movement as the pleated geogette kind of hangs flat.

okay...so what to do with the lace since we can't use it in the dress? Quite possibly this:

Source: etsy seller Twigs & Honey

That's right peeps! I'm gonna try to use all of my mom's dress! Down to the buttons used to button her cuffs and the unpleated Georgette silk that was used for the sleeves.

Another lace flower for inspiration:

Source: this Ritzy Bee post

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Linda Ly said...

I think you should also use the lace to make a larger version of that flower and put it on a silk dupioni pillow to serve as your ring bearer pillow.

mel said...

aww i love it! you are sooo creative...i'm glad to see the progress!

Melissa said...

That is such a good idea! It will be beautiful.

Mary said...

I really like the idea of making a flower and putting it in your hair... I can totally picture you in a dress like that, so fashionable and beautiful!