Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wedding dress update! is the inspiration for my gown:

source: Monique Lhuillier

Here is me wearing my mom's dress. Please forgive the side view. My seamstress, Ms. Janet Brunton, had already taken the other sleeve off. Dee...please do not look any further. Thank you! Love you!

We ordered Georgette Silk from Fabric Land in Orange, then got it pleated at Twins Pleating in LA. This was what I got to take back home with me.

Here's me unrolling the pleated Georgette Silk. I was pretty excited. The pleats were 1/4" x 1/8" deep. It very closely matched my mom's original pleats!

Here she is hangin...naked.

The original bodice and the lace taken apart and laid on top of the pleated fabric...holy moly! my mom's dress is in pieces!

Here is a test bodice on the skirt. We're going to perfect the shape of it tonight. So far, so fits like a glove!

Janet adjusted the cups to fit me better.

Janet pinned the original lace to the midriff.

Janet then pinned more of the lace to the cups; we really wanted to see how the scalloped lace was going to look on the cups. It looked great! I started crying right here. I had to sit down and catch my breath. It was such an emotional experience seeing my mom's dress in a different way.

We played around with the pleated tiers. The layering was unintentional, but it didn't look bad at all.

Mom's tiers were originally lined with lace, but there isn't enough of the lace after calculating the size of the 4 separate tiers. I had gone to the Fashion District in LA in search of alternative lace, but it was so overwhelming. We are considering putting tulle under the pleated tiers. The tulle will peek under the the alternative to the lace.

We were considering subtracting a tier or adding a tier. I decided I wanted to keep true to my mom's dress and stick with 4 tiers. We're gonna go with this length of the first tier. Janet will also add a train for me! I'm so excited!

It was a good day! My next appointment with Janet is in a month. She will have the bodice completed using the original bodice fabric and lace. She'll also be working on the tiers. I can't wait until then!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

more hairstyles i love

These are more side buns that I love:

Naomi Watts from the back. Source: here

Source: Unknown

Source: Marie Claire

Source: Instyle Weddings

Love these vintage styles!

Source: here


Source: Glamourthis

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Monday, January 26, 2009

back to cake...

Initially, I wanted cupcakes:

source: Sprinkles

and we were going to get them from Sprinkles...but I called inquiring about the flavors I could order because some of the flavors I wanted are not offered on the day of our wedding (a Sunday, and Sprinkles sells certain flavors on certain days). Well, I've decided I don't want it if I can't have the flavors I want...what's the point.

So we have a couple of options...go with a bakery our venue is contracted with, or go find an outside bakery that will do a cake for us (our venue is allowing us to use the cake credit towards something else if we go find cake elsewhere). My sister offered to buy our cake for us, so I thought we might be able to use that cake credit for upgrades.

I want a really simple cake...hopefully that will make it dummy-proof. It's more risk for an intricate design to get messed up than a simple one, right? So how about a 3 or 4 round tiered cake, with a ribbon to border the bottom of each tier. Simple and beautiful!

source: With This Ring

source: the Knot

Love these circle appliques (is that what you'd call them?) on the adds some dimension. source: unknown

The rest below are Martha Stewart creations.

If we're gonna stray away from the round shape...I would love these!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

your opinion needed: groomsmen suits

we chose the suits already, but we have the option to change still...gray suit for sure.

this is regards to the shirt and tie. i can't decide! so...which looks better?

sand shirt, sand tie with the gray suit

or white shirt, sand tie with the gray suit

i'm adding the inspiration board to help visualize the look i'm going for.

BMs will wear sand colored dresses. GM in gray suits. purple accents wherever.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Encouraged to indulge...

in my obsession of our new color scheme by my sister. She asked that I add their BM shoes to my inspiration board, and I got to adding a little bit of more things. And then...I made another was so much fun!

Sources: Burberry large check tie -, black suit by Hermes -, wedding gown by monique lhuillier, flowers -, sergio rossi "bow" shoes -, nude colored dress - coquette blog, color palette from colourlovers, boutonniere -, OPI nail polish in louvre me louvre me not, nine west shoes - zappos, lauren merkin clutch - searle, cake from, gray suit -,, gray tie -, flowers -, etsy seller Goose Grease.

for this board, i created my own color palette on colourlovers. the picture of the garland at the bottom next to my shoes is from pam garrison, which i first saw from a $10,000 wedding blog. the pretty bouquet in the bottom right corner is a martha stewart creation. bottom right corner is audrey and david kissing on polka dot bride. and the picture of the dogs on the right...well those are my babies, cody and jake. i hope they'll be a part of our big day!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twigs & Honey Anniversary!

Help Myra celebrate her 1-year anniversary! She's doing a give-away to commemorate the occasion. Here are the deets.

She's become quite popular on my Knot board. Check out her etsy store, and you'll find out why!

mini update on wedding dress

-My seamstress has pulled apart the skirt tiers on my dress
-Extra fabric bought to create the new tiers
-Extra fabric currently at Twins Pleating for pleating
-Planning to pick up fabric tomorrow
-Appt with seamstress next week (will take pictures...promise!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

wedding bands

I need this wedding band!

It's a Tiffany Elsa Peretti wedding band ring.

It would be perfect with my ring sitting on it.

source: me

This was the look I was going for:

source: here

This would eliminate the elusive gap that would appear if I were to get the straight ring (I don't even know what it's called).

As for Dee...well he continues to joke (I hope he's joking) that he wants the Lord of the Rings ring.

source: here

If he lets me have the choice, I would go for the Mokume-Gane style. It's a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Literally translating as "wood eye (i.e., burl) metal", the name was borrowed from one type of pattern created in the forging of swords and other edged weapons.

source: here

I love the unique style, but I've been shopping around, and it's super expensive! =(

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

i want these

Manolo Blahnik. Style Rocco. Color Black. Source: Footcandy

Manolo Blahnik. Style Brijuni. Color Nude. Source: Footcandy

Christian Louboutin. Style Peniche. Color Black. Source: Footcandy

Jimmy Choo. Style Private. Color Black. Source: Footcandy

Jimmy Choo. Style Pascal. Color Stone. Source: Footcandy

Christian Louboutin. Mary Jane Platform. Color Black. Source: Neiman Marcus

Christian Louboutin. Ruched Platform Pump. Color Pewter. Source: Neiman Marcus

Miu Miu Two Tone Gladiator. Source: Neiman Marcus

how lovely we're in a recession, huh?

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


looks so lovely.

I have been a long-time admirer of Rebecca Trawick's calligraphy. Her work is often described at fun and whimsical...I can't find better words to describe her work.

Check out her site.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

hold our rings

in this:

I have been wanting this for forever!

Check out Paloma's Nest on Etsy.

Happy Friday

My friend sent this to me this's so true!