Monday, January 26, 2009

back to cake...

Initially, I wanted cupcakes:

source: Sprinkles

and we were going to get them from Sprinkles...but I called inquiring about the flavors I could order because some of the flavors I wanted are not offered on the day of our wedding (a Sunday, and Sprinkles sells certain flavors on certain days). Well, I've decided I don't want it if I can't have the flavors I want...what's the point.

So we have a couple of options...go with a bakery our venue is contracted with, or go find an outside bakery that will do a cake for us (our venue is allowing us to use the cake credit towards something else if we go find cake elsewhere). My sister offered to buy our cake for us, so I thought we might be able to use that cake credit for upgrades.

I want a really simple cake...hopefully that will make it dummy-proof. It's more risk for an intricate design to get messed up than a simple one, right? So how about a 3 or 4 round tiered cake, with a ribbon to border the bottom of each tier. Simple and beautiful!

source: With This Ring

source: the Knot

Love these circle appliques (is that what you'd call them?) on the adds some dimension. source: unknown

The rest below are Martha Stewart creations.

If we're gonna stray away from the round shape...I would love these!

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AmyJean said...

I love those square ones too... all the cakes look so pretty! :)

Joyce said...

I like simple too...did you just want an all white cake or to include your wedding colors...
I love round tiered simplie wedding cakes!!! Did you check out some of the wedding cakes on Martha Stewart??? I really like some of them

jessica lynn said...

ummmm those look delicious!

Kastina said...

I want cupcakes too!