Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wedding dress update! is the inspiration for my gown:

source: Monique Lhuillier

Here is me wearing my mom's dress. Please forgive the side view. My seamstress, Ms. Janet Brunton, had already taken the other sleeve off. Dee...please do not look any further. Thank you! Love you!

We ordered Georgette Silk from Fabric Land in Orange, then got it pleated at Twins Pleating in LA. This was what I got to take back home with me.

Here's me unrolling the pleated Georgette Silk. I was pretty excited. The pleats were 1/4" x 1/8" deep. It very closely matched my mom's original pleats!

Here she is hangin...naked.

The original bodice and the lace taken apart and laid on top of the pleated fabric...holy moly! my mom's dress is in pieces!

Here is a test bodice on the skirt. We're going to perfect the shape of it tonight. So far, so fits like a glove!

Janet adjusted the cups to fit me better.

Janet pinned the original lace to the midriff.

Janet then pinned more of the lace to the cups; we really wanted to see how the scalloped lace was going to look on the cups. It looked great! I started crying right here. I had to sit down and catch my breath. It was such an emotional experience seeing my mom's dress in a different way.

We played around with the pleated tiers. The layering was unintentional, but it didn't look bad at all.

Mom's tiers were originally lined with lace, but there isn't enough of the lace after calculating the size of the 4 separate tiers. I had gone to the Fashion District in LA in search of alternative lace, but it was so overwhelming. We are considering putting tulle under the pleated tiers. The tulle will peek under the the alternative to the lace.

We were considering subtracting a tier or adding a tier. I decided I wanted to keep true to my mom's dress and stick with 4 tiers. We're gonna go with this length of the first tier. Janet will also add a train for me! I'm so excited!

It was a good day! My next appointment with Janet is in a month. She will have the bodice completed using the original bodice fabric and lace. She'll also be working on the tiers. I can't wait until then!

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Linda Ly said...

yay, i'm so excited for you. totally loving it!

Tiffany said...

seriously, this is the best dress ever. Love that it is your mom's dress but with your own twist. can't wait to see more!

oh and the book I ordered is from Shutterfly. I highly recommend them. I ordered the 12x12 book and it is so nice. Maybe I will try to take pictures of it.

Joyce said...

Wow, I love the slide show and I like seeing it come together...Its going to look so pretty when its done!!!

Mary said...

The dress looks amazing! I can't believe it's your mom's dress. The bodice fits you're going to look hot walking down the aisle. hehe.

Kastina said...

Love, it's classic yet with a little mod in it.

issa said...

oh this is going to be GORGEOUS!!! i can't wait to see the finished product

AmyJean said...

It's totally coming together! I love the dress! :)