Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hair Muses

going back to hair...

I love Naomi Campbell's hair here!!

Love the messy side bun. It looks so effortlessly beautiful! I'll be needing my fringe to cover more of my forehead though.

here's a back-view of Naomi's bun.

As my hair is fine, I am also considering this dainty 'do...dainty in a cute kinda way!

This is also a runner up.

here's my attempt at the messy-ish, elegant side-bun. it took me like 5 minutes to do, and i was driving while i did it...eeeks...

this my 2nd attempt...i don't know if you can tell, but here, I was able to give my hair some volume. it shortly fell out during my fitting though.

a teeny tiny pic...get the picture though?

Results from my hair trial...

it looked great from the back. it was totally not what i had in mind though.

from the side. again...super ornate. a little messy, but hair girl assured me that more care would taken on day-of.

please excuse the face...i did go to the gym that day, and i just applied makeup b/c i looked dead before. anyways, you can't really see the side bun from the front, at all...and the lack of fringe covering my forehead makes me look like i have thinner hair (to me, at least). Not to mention, I look like an old lady...nothing wrong with that, cept, I'm not an old lady...

Girls, be stern with your hair person. Tell them exactly what you want and the way you want it. I emailed my hair girl shortly. I showed her pictures of what I had in mind. I showed her pictures of my attempt, which I loved! I told her that I wanted something more simple but elegant at the same time. I told her that I wanted my fringe to cover my forehead more, and that I don't want any gaps in there.

She took it all as constructive criticism (I hope). And we're going to try again 2 weeks.

In the meantime, my wonderful coordinator reminded me of my DIY projects, gave me a brief overview on our timeline, reviewed our contracts, set up a preliminary meeting to Saturday, in which we'll be meeting again together with our DJ and do our tasting at the venue this Saturday.

T minus less than month. Holy cow!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

slideshow withdrawals

i've been having them ever since last week when it started to get really busy for me.

just wanted to share one of our fab pictures from our fab photogs, aka, { j a c }, husband and wife team extraordinaire!

Here's one of my favorite images!

So seriously...have you checked out { j a c }'s blog post on us? Or their slideshow! I love love love the slideshow! The song playing was the girl who was performing live for Earth Week at The Camp and The Lab. It turned out to be such a perfect song!! Strange by Stacy Clark, on the Apples and Oranges album. I totally bought her album too cuz I wanted that song!

Also, I'd like to add how happy I am I went with my outfit that day and Dee went with his. It reflects our urban-chic style that I would love to look back at and remember. And I'm so happy I wore flats. I think I would have died in heels in the heat and walking around.

So couples...don't forget to be yourselves in your pictures! You won't regret it!

Now, go watch my slideshow again! hehe.

Showered with love

Mom, MOH, and me. I totally wore a white dress to my shower. I added a tuxedo blazer and some hot black heels to make it more interesting though. hehe.

The ocean was our backyard for the day.

Kickin' it at ADCB at the Mondrian.

And then partied it up (for a very short while) at SkyBar.

All pix from one of my bridesmaids. So more pix to come!

Monday, April 27, 2009


from my work retreat, bridal shower, and bachelorette party! it's so hard getting pampered. hehe.

Last week, from Wednesday to Friday, I was in Palm Desert for my work's annual retreat.

And the weekend was devoted to me: my bridal shower and bachelorette party. The shower was at a beautiful home in Malibu, along PCH and the coast.

see where the "A" is...that's where my shower was!

Then we stayed at the Mondrian on Sunset in LA.

Had awesome drinks and appetizers downstairs.

Went to a pole dancing class (it is not easy!) at Pole Dance Allure. The class was amazing! Such a good workout!

And then we headed over to SkyBar, which was part of the Mondrian.

We didn't stay long though...I was so tired from all the festivities. I asked my girls if we could head back up to the room, and then I knocked out!

More pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i <3 { j a c }

aka our photographers.

We took our engagement pictures this past Sunday. { j a c } posted up teasers today!!!

Check out their blog post on us...and the slideshow!

okay..the weather got super hot, and so i didn't even wear what i was planning to. i wore my issa rocks black puff skirt instead. and we didn't get to change into our formal outfits...we just simply couldn't remember with the heat beating down on us. but that's i can use the dress for some other occassion. hehe!

and totally have to add that makeup was done by liz of check out her work! she's amazing!

still can't stop thinking about our pictures. i heart { j a c } !!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom's/My wedding dress update: Amazingness cont'd

Last night was my 2nd to last meeting with Janet Brunton.

I cried like 102384712835 times. It truly is amazing. And I super love that it's my mom's dress, and it's my dress.

Dee, step away. Don't even try to look!

I can't do it justice without showing you its progress starting from the beginning:

My mom's she wore it...minus the right sleeve. =|

taken apart and the beginning of redesign.

with the redesigned top (which needs to be reshaped again) and the first 2 tiers.

with new top and all tiers added.

Janet added a train!

she's lookin gorgeous!

and last night:


Janet attached the rest of Mom's lace to the sweetheart top. Amazing, no?

i'm super happy with how it's coming along!

my top, up close.

up closer...

the 2 styles of scalloped lace we're trying to choose from to use as the trim for the sweetheart top.

went with the smaller scalloped lace...this is how the lace will look on my top.

here's the rounded train.

i'm sorry...I can't get enough of this dress!

how the lace will look in the back.

from far away-ish

from the side.

bustled...amazing, right?

bustle from the side


and here's one of me crying...yea...she's the one.

what next? Janet will attach the tulle to the dress so that it doesn't pop out in random places as you've seen in the pictures. It'll help as I won't be standing still all night. Janet will attach the lace trim to the top, complete my bustle, and clean up anything else. And we're still trying ways we can incorporate the buttons from my mom's sleeves on the dress. Janet is one of my favorite vendors to work with!!

[+] obsess more

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still thinking about what to wear...

T minus 4 days until engagement pictures with our awesomely awesome photographers, { j a c }. So so excited!!

i look to my style do they do it so effortlessly?

White tank, skinny jeans, heels. Source: here

Jeans and boho-chic top, heels. Source: here

I still love this simple but still makes a statement. Source: here

Jumpers are so in right now...go trendy...go classic? Source: here

Love the oversized blazer with leggings..and heels! Source: here

She totally didn't try, but she looks great! Source: here

i love the blazer look...makes a casual outift a little fancy. Source: here

so i'm thinking for my casual outfit...skinny jeans (or leggings??), high heels, white shirt or tank, blazer (or my short tuxedo jacket).

and yes, i love Nicole Richie's boho-chic style, and I love the Olsen twins' grunge-glam-i-don't-care-what-you-think style. =) to accessorize??