Tuesday, April 28, 2009

slideshow withdrawals

i've been having them ever since last week when it started to get really busy for me.

just wanted to share one of our fab pictures from our fab photogs, aka, { j a c }, husband and wife team extraordinaire!

Here's one of my favorite images!

So seriously...have you checked out { j a c }'s blog post on us? Or their slideshow! I love love love the slideshow! The song playing was the girl who was performing live for Earth Week at The Camp and The Lab. It turned out to be such a perfect song!! Strange by Stacy Clark, on the Apples and Oranges album. I totally bought her album too cuz I wanted that song!

Also, I'd like to add how happy I am I went with my outfit that day and Dee went with his. It reflects our urban-chic style that I would love to look back at and remember. And I'm so happy I wore flats. I think I would have died in heels in the heat and walking around.

So couples...don't forget to be yourselves in your pictures! You won't regret it!

Now, go watch my slideshow again! hehe.

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