Monday, April 13, 2009

What to wear...

for our engagement pictures!?! It's this upcoming Sunday! Yay! I have been waiting for this for like forever..and now I'm a little scared...cuz I don't know what to wear!

Most couples do 2 outfits: 1 casual and 1 formal-ish. So we're gonna do that.

I know for our formal outfit, I'm going to be wearing this little number:

As for the casual outfit...shoot...I wanna do jeans, but should I wear my Chucks? my mocassins that i love oh-so-much? my Rainbows (total So Cal chic)? or heels so that my 5'2" self looks taller? bah!

I do admire this outfit worn by Laura Hutton:

source: oh happy day

Jeans, a white shirt, fab heels, and a necklace to bring it together...

As for him...I sent this to Dee for inspiration...

Love the simple shirt and tie. Love the flannel shirt and jeans. Simple but works so much with this couple's personality.

We'll be rummaging through our closets for outfits for this weekend. eeks!

What are you wearing...or what did you wear for your engagement pix?

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leililan said...

i wore rainbows (yay!) and my fave platform sandles. really, i wanted the pictures to be as "us" as possible...

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