Saturday, January 3, 2009

speaking of hair...

check out my hair progress.

Here's me 2 days before dee proposed. June 2007.

April 2008. Can you believe it hardly grew?

I got extensions in May 2008.

My extensions got a hair cut and style.

July 2008.

Extensions removed early September 2008 and got a trim. =(

December 2008.

And still growing...

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Authentically U - Bride said...

Cute styles!!!

AmyJean said...

Oh, you are so cute! i love how you look good in both long long and short, but right now looks uber great on you!!! :)


Tiffany said...

you are too cute. love the extensions. i've always wanted to get them, did you like them? how did they feel?

.reese. said...

Tiffany, I looooooved the extensions! They were so much fun! The real hair was placed on the bottom half of my head with clamps. I believe the system was HairKlamps. It was heavy at first; some people experience headaches. For me, it was just extra weight on my head. After about a week, it felt normal. I couldn't run my fingers through my hair (or a brush for that matter) except for the top half of my head, but I thought it was well worth it. I had them in for about 4 months. I would totally do it again! I might...for the wedding!

issa said...

ok you're absolutely gorgeous! and sorry i've been lazy with the skirts.. and now i've been sick.. but ya i definitely plan on making more striped ones!

.reese. said...

thank you all for the kind comments!

issa, i hope you feel better!