Monday, October 19, 2009

how to make the wedding last...

1. slightly delay writing thank you cards. check.
2. sneak around to try on your wedding gown to see if it still fits. check. check.
3. try to casually bring it up with friends. check.
4. ask friends to share their pictures from your wedding. need more checks!
5. when choosing pictures for your wedding album, look at every single picture your photographer(s) took in detail. in progress.
6. continue chatting on the wedding board forums (i go to forums!) to help out new brides. check.
7. take day-after pictures. check!
8. get noticed. check. =) I've been fortunate to have been featured on The Knot Live, Episode 3.
9. help a friend with her wedding. friend's wedding in October. check.

how can you not expect life to be so grand as your wedding day? it's hard. and i'm dealing. HBO's True Blood is helping. As well as getting into new hobbies such as tweeting, sewing and knitting, and old hobbies like reading and blogging. Oh, and joining a rec soft ball team with hubby, Team Wii Not Fit, has been super fun too!

sorry for lack of's hard to blog. i really admire those who are avid bloggers!


Christopher said...

you are awesome, and hilarious! We loved getting to know you and shooting that awesome weddding:)
jamie and chris

honey my heart said...

good list!! i'll definitely use it to help my wedding memories last.