Friday, July 10, 2009


looking for a photographer who is stylish both in front of the camera as well as behind the camera??? check out Style-ish! they are a fabulously stylish husband+wife team with a great eye for details! they're offering great rates for their local (Seattle) couples and FREE photography for destination weddings!! please, take advantage! cute are they?

okay, so here's Tiffany:

Just a little plug for me and my husband's photography business, as you know we are just starting out and we are still only doing this part time because we both still work full time, but we would love to book a few more clients for the rest of 2009. What's great for clients is since we are not doing this full time, we are able to offer really good prices for what you are getting.

To my Seattle readers: Are you getting married soon or know someone getting married? We have started booking 2010 weddings but realizing that we have slots open for the rest of 2009 so if you or someone you know needs a photographer, shoot me an email: tiffany (at) style-ish(.) com, we are doing a REALLY good deal for anything booked in 2009! (We are mostly booked in August and a few weekends in September but just email me with your date and I'll get back to you.) Even if you are getting married in 2010, just tell me you found me through this post and I'll give you the discounted rate too!

For Destination Weddings: if you are getting married somewhere like the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe – I wish! :) etc… Jared and I would love to come along and shoot your wedding for FREE.

Check out their site here.

Here's my favorite from a wedding they did in Jamaica!

Spread the word peeps!!


Tiffany said...

you are the BEST!! thank you for posting this on your blog!

Mel said...

oooh! i'm so gonna tell my cousin who lives in washington! (btw...i'm excited for harry potter too! too bad i won't be down there when it comes out...unless you wait until august to see it! then we can dress up like hermione...haha)

Tiffany said...

thanks so much for posting this again, I really appreciate it!

I can't find your email otherwise I would email you this but was wondering if you could do me a favor and on the part of the paragraph that I wrote that says "Email me for the details" do you mind taking that part of the link down for the "me"? I am getting a huge amount of spam email and I think it's from these links. I won't ever put one of those links up again, those spam bots are vicious.

Thanks so much!!