Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm famous!!

Not really...but it was an awesome experience...having our wedding recognized by the peeps over at The Knot. I was the feature knottie for Episode 3. I got to speak with the cofounder and Editor in Chief of The Knot, Carley Roney. I felt like I was talking to a celebrity! Preston Bailey was a guest for the episode. They took a look at bridal bling, wedding cakes on a budget, hot reception trends, and of course, me & dee!

Those public speaking classes in college did not help. Sorry for all the ums and uhs. It's doesn't get easier even when you're not on a stage. But it was such a pleasure and so much fun talking about the wedding again. Too bad I only got 3 minutes to talk about it...

Special thanks to our awesome vendors, Jamie and Chris of { j a c }, Linda Ly of Grand Soirees, Steve Burdick (and his assistant) of SBE, Jasmine Corzo of Jazz Flowers, Liz Castellano of MakeupByLiz, and our awesome wedding party (my girls especially; i love you guys!!) with whom the day could not be what it was...the best day ever! And many thanks again to The Knot for thinking our wedding was pretty awesome too.

Missed the show? You can watch the replay here. I'm towards the end...

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AmyJean said...

YAY! You totally deserve it... your wedding was Fabulous! :)
Relentless Bride