Thursday, July 9, 2009

how to choose your wedding colors...

How bout checking out Paper Source's Colorscope? It gives descriptions of your personality type with the color.

Source: here

Rhubarb was a staple color we used in our wedding stationery. Here's how Paper Source describes rhubarb:

"Curious, enthusiastic and easily stimulated, you are a magnet for opportunity and every new idea. Be careful not to over stimulate yourself, but learn to focus."

I saw this first on the Charmed Events Blog and commented with this:

"very cool! rhubarb was a staple color in our wedding! and ya know what…it’s pretty accurate! we wanted to try and incorporate some new-ish (i.e. different) ideas, lending ppl to be curious about us, and showing our enthusiasm about the wedding, but not to overwhelm our wedding look with the color but instead make it a focus! =) thanks for posting!"

The colorscope not work out for you? Check out Colour can make your own colors (and descriptions) or use one that another member created.

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