Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it's back

when i first had botox injected into my hands...i thought maybe, just maybe, it was a placebo effect. i really do believe the mind is a powerful thing, but in this case, not powerful enough. because my hands and feet are back to the way they were: sweaty, sticky, a little swollen, freezing/stiff when the A/C is on at work, and just plain uncomfortable. i'm feeling super conscious of myself again, and i'm losing the confidence i had gained when they weren't sweaty.

on top of that...the dermatologists i have contacted that were on IHHS's list of physicians treating hyperhidrosis don't accept HMO. =( switching to PPO doesn't make sense for us, it's too expensive, and we don't need specific treatment by a specific doctor; the doctor i went to before having health insurance is covered under my HMO plan, so why pay more (a lot more)??

i guess i'll have to wait for the next IHHS conference...


Dan said...

I've experienced hyperhidrosis (hands, armpits) as well, had been (consciously) suffering from it for approx. 5 or so. That is, until I took surgery 7 years ago at a hospital in Berlin, Germany. They drilled 4 little holes into my thorax, inserted small cameras and scissors and then cut off some nerves. I was told that there was a certain risk that while sweating on the hands would stop, it could instead be redirected to the face. That fortunately didn't happen. During the last 7 years my hands did not sweat once, not even a tiny bit. My armpits still sweat but at a normal level. The only thing has changed since surgery is that upon working out (running after the bus for example) or beeing subjected to high temperatures in the summer my back and my legs sweat a little bit more than they used to, which according to the doctors is due to "compensatory sweating". That doesn't bother me as me much, as did sweating on the hands did though. So in conclusion, I don't regret surgery one bit.

Hope that you managed to overcome your case of hyperhidrosis or that, if it's still there, it isn't interfering with your life that much anymore.

Anonymous said...

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