Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another great opportunity!!

Hey So Cal brides! Recently engaged or married? Up and coming Circle Ten Events is giving away a free photo shoot! Complete with hair and makeup and you get to keep all the pictures!! How great is that? I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the brides!! They're looking for one more! So check out their blog, and leave a comment. It's as easy as that!!

*chanting* I get to wear my dress again! I get to wear my dress again!!

Yea, I'm super stoked!! The theme is Paris 1920's Art Nouveau!! How divine does that sound? Dee and I thought our vacation in Paris was our favorite trip! I really wanted to incorporate some French inspiration into our wedding...I tried to do a little...but there was not enough time...2 years = not enough...really! Ah, je taime!

Here's some dolled-up inspiration they're going to work off of to achieve the look!

Finger curls for hair...and hopefully red lips?? I love it! And I looooove that they're going to let me wear my dress again. <-- Did I mention that already??

So head over there, and leave a comment!! Good luck! Deadline is July 22, 2009! Get to it!

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Debbie@ Circle Ten Events said...

You are too cute! Let's do the red lips! :)