Monday, July 27, 2009

thigh high boots are in!

and i want a pair! this pair, to be exact:

Dolce Vita Stud

Check out the stud detail...enough to keep you looking as these babies walk by.

these are thigh high...way in season, suede, and studded! i just want to stare at them all day! i'm a little afraid that since i'm short (5'2"ish) that these will be up to my hips though...haha. are hip high boots in?

i love the brand Dolce Vita. i own so many pairs...some of which have not yet been worn. =| must wear shoes!!

p.s. it wasn't blogger that wasn't letting me was my computer.

1 comment:

Carlene said...

I love anything Dolce Vita makes. Seriously the best shoes out there today. And totally reasonably priced! :)