Monday, July 6, 2009

=( a lesson learned

happy belated 4th! we went camping along the central coast of california! it was perfect weather. we were with great company, ate great food, and just had a good time. so what there was no running water, toilets, or showers...all you need is love!

but also, dee lost his wedding ring. we were on the beach. i was laying out. he was throwing the football around with his buddies. and before he knew it, he finally realized that something was missing. hubby is left-handed and was therefore throwing the football with his left hand, so yep, he somehow threw his ring into the ocean or some warp hole that mysteriously appeared in the pathway he was throwing the football, and it gobbled it up away (we are totally into sci fi!).

what i'm struggling with is the fact that i did want him to wear his ring...even though i already had this uneasy feeling he was going to lose it...yea...i have those feelings. i only follow my gut half the time...i need to start following it all the time!

photo by { j a c }

we did not insure his ring, but we're looking into our AMEX policy to see what they might be able to do; AMEX has taken care of us before...hopefully they can help out a little. but the lesson is, ladies, tell your man to take off his ring during any physical/atheltic matter how much you want him to wear that ring! there's a reason NBA players don't wear rings on the court!

good bye ring! =( waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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honey my heart said...

aww i'm so sorry about that :( hopefully amex can help.

ps love the nba reference.