Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm on twitter

it's my new obsession. though..i'm only as good a tweeter i am a blogger. =(

care to follow me? i'm tweeting about life, fashion, and deals...

my twitter name is _reese, or click on my twitter name to read my tweets now.

in the meantime, i am anxiously waiting for the photos from our day-after shoot with Alice Hu. she posted pix on her blog on the table decor shoes are there too. =) they do look fab if i don't say so myself.

i am also trying to wear all my shoes, especially the ones i haven't worn yet! and i've gone to the library to pick up some books on sewing. since i've been so involved (mentally) in the creation of my wedding gown from my mom's gown, i really want to acquire those skills! i used to sew outfits for my barbie dolls by i'm gonna try and do my own outfits by machine...let's see how far i go with this.

also trying to read the books i was supposed to read before the wedding: The Last Lecture and Angels and Demons (i have not seen the movie yet, so i'm excited to do both).

plus, i'm trying to stay in shape. it's tough man! but my husband (<--so weird to say that still) and i joined a rec softball team, so that helps...not to mention it's fun too!

alright peeps...happy thursday!


Nina Sapphira said...

woohoo. me too. bijouxbleu

Debbie@CircleTenEvents said...

omg, your pics look fabulous! you're a natural model. alice and i will have your sneak peaks on both our blogs sunday.

btw, maybe we can trade tips: i can give you tips on sewing and you can give me tips on staying fit. i fell off the wagon over a year ago and now it's hard to get back! bah!

Debbie@CircleTenEvents said...

You are too sweet! Everyone on the team did an amazing job! Btw, I hope my wedding photos come out a beautiful as yours. You guys were SO good in front of the camera.

Yogurtland was my fitness downfall. Boo!

Frances Liu l Absolutely Charmed said...

Where are your pictures? I can't wait to see them! I checked the blog but only found site me!