Monday, June 8, 2009

the week before

was soooooooooooper busy!! I can't believe it went by so freakin fast. I feel like I hardly got anything done.

My cousin flew in from the Philippines on Saturday evening.

how gorgeous is she?? would you believe me if i told you she's the big 3-0...and she has 2 children?? crazy, right? yea...unbelievable!

We showed her around the OC...mostly where to shop. And then I had to drag her along to do my wedding chores which I had set out to finish before the week was over.

We went to Janet's to pick up my dress, but lo' and behold, I had lost some inches...and Janet needed to take in my dress one more time. Sprinkles cupcakes, grease, and late night Mexican food could not keep the pounds from falling off...i was staying up into the wee hours of the morning trying to straighten out our guest list...finalizing the seating chart...practicing our 1st dance, practicing the father-daughter dance...etc, etc, etc. Don't worry though...I believe I'm back to regular eating habits! while we were at Janet's, we also picked up my mom's dress:

How great does the color look? cousin got a dress custom-made for my mom in the was a lovely shade of plum...decorated with jewels in the front, rouched to be form fitting, accented with flutter sleeves, and it looked exactly like what a mother-of-the-bride should wear. I'll share those pictures when I get the pros back.

And after a second trip to Janet's...I got to pick her up and take her home!

Here she is...all done and ready to go...and perfect! Check out Darci's (With This Ring) post on my dress! She's got a great before and after shot of my gown. Janet added these final touches: added my mom's buttons (originally on the cuffs of her dress) to the back, sewed the flowers down on my top, and she also added delicate button loops. It truly was the gown of my dreams!

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