Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on financial lockdown.

ah, the married life. not as grand as i had imagined. i mean, it's grand, but we're grown up now! it's not about me anymore...it's about us, our bills, our dreams and our goals, our life! i'm essentially responsible for another life. it's kinda scary peeps...seriously, it was kinda freaky when he first introduced me as his wife. anyone else feel that way?

we've consolidated finances...really scary! i've set up my direct deposit into our joint account. we're working on paying down the rest of our (read: my) debt together. <-- he loved me that much to marry me when i still have debt.

so...i'm trying to cut down on my spending. it's hard, but not really since we put all my credit cards away. if i want to spend money, he'll see it. yikes!

so i'll be trying to utilize everything i own...luckily for me, i don't wear all my new clothes at once; i let them sit in my closet so that one day i can stumble upon with pleasant surprise. =) the same goes for my shoes...i have tons that have yet to be christened.

i'll be really figuring out what i really need and what i can live without (can i really?)...

and i'm determined to be able to use the sewing machine well! i have a lot of clothes that no longer fit me [well] as a result of my weight loss (back down to the weight before i met him!) over the last 2 years, and i still love these clothes! but oh the alterations they'll need...the cost of those alterations...sigh.

why the sacrifice? well, we hope to have a place of our very own by february 2010.

here's to the married life!

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