Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm over our wedding

NOT! <-- yea, i guess i do still say that. shut up.

anyways...lack of posting due to it was my berfday last week...on the day that MJ passed away, to be exact. =(

i have been nonstop celebrating with my wonderful family and friends!

i am trying to recover still...from my birthday, from the wedding, from everything! you know, get back in the groove...start reading the books i said i was going to read, start selling some wedding stuff we no longer need, get back into shape again cuz i still want to be able to fit into my wedding dress...just in case i convince hubby to take day-after pix...

looking forward to the short week. i'm heading up to big sur this weekend to camp with friends!

oh, and i'll be the featured knottie on The Knot Live this Wednesday, July 1, 2009. yep!!! they thought our wedding was something special. it's been so much fun talking about our day again and sharing pictures and special moments and just reliving it!

i just love this behind the scenes photo. photo taken by friend, Lan.


Nina Sapphira said...

Happy Bday! Birthday twin!!!! I still need to go through all my wedding stuff too. I have soo much stuff to sell....just don't feel like going through it all. =( means all the wedding talk will be over.

Debbie @ Circle Ten Events said...

Reese, I'd love to talk to you about after wedding photos. There's no fee. It's for a new Newport Beach wedding venue. We are looking for couples and you can have all of the photos for your own use.