Thursday, June 11, 2009

wedding recap - rehearsal

The day before was probably the most stressful day of wedding planning. I was kicking myself in the rear for not sending out a formal notice of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal was at the Hilton Irvine. I checked into my room. We were to go over the timeline there, then go over the ceremony outside in the patio area. People were late. People claimed they didn't know. People who weren't supposed to show up...showed up. I went bridezilla.

But with my coordinator, Linda of Grand Soirees, there...I was able to calm down. She planned for all this. There were timelines for everyone...specified to their role in the wedding. So we all went over the timeline, then we headed downstairs to the patio to practice the processional walk.

I did get emotional. I couldn't believe that we were getting married the very next day. It was really hard to keep the tears in, but I managed to.

my girls

with me and my flower girl

Then we all headed over to Newport Seafood for dinner...where you can bring your own alcohol...woot! I did not have any though.

me and my girls

the boys

had to stick this one in...i love my cousin (far left throwin up the gang sign)

And the night did not end there. Dee and I decided to meet up to go over our dance. It was getting me really nervous! I had to memorize 2 dances!!! TWO! The father-daughter dance was choreographed which we did not have the chance to practice much that week...

And then I went back to my hotel room to meet up with some of my 'maids; it was about midnight. We stayed up until 3AM, finishing up last minute projects, not believing it was that day, reminiscing. And then I fell into the most excited sleep I've ever had.

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zerry ht said...

Incredible wedding rehearsal photos. Everyone seems to have a blasting time in this bash. Anyway, we are also planning our wedding party that will be held at our favorite Los Angeles wedding venues. It will be a vintage themed ceremony. So excited for our big day.