Monday, June 15, 2009

wedding recap - My seamstress would kill me!

So pro pix will have to wait for a while as our photogs will send all our hi-res files after creating our wedding album...but I have some great things to share nonetheless...

Our reception was so much fun! and I loved that the dance floor was packed most of the time. And even if it wasn't, I was still dancing. I wanted to enjoy every second of it.

I love that someone got this video of me (you may not see the video if you're reading this through a feeder)! Enjoy! My seamstress may not smile at first...but she did such a great job with my dress because it held up all night, throughout all my dancing, and I danced all night until the very end! and while i did feel some people stepping on the bustle did not fall out. woot!

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