Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Flower Girl

We only knew one little girl, and her mom volunteered her for the job early in our engagement. So we took her. I was a bit afraid that she would steal my thunder though because she is sooooo adorable!

When it came to choosing a dress for her, all I knew was that I did not want her in a white dress. I think only the bride should be the one wearing white. How did it come about that the flower girl wears white too? Anyways, I was overwhelmed with the many styles available for flower girls...some of them are super fancy a mini wedding dress. what the heck?!

Then I looked through this LA Knottie bio, and I was inspired! She was getting her flower girls tutus! How fun! I wanted it...but where to look. Why, Etsy, of course!

Ordered her dress from Etsy seller Sweet Plume. Here's the style I wanted:

Sweet Plume gives you the option of ultimate customization! You pick the colors and the flower on the belt. She makes suggestions on what could work, and you make all final decisions. And Flower Girl's mom loooved the idea! So we did it! I picked the colors to the best of my ability, and I sent Sweet Plume my inspiration board so that she could make it work!

I didn't get to see the dress until the rehearsal which was the day before the wedding. I was both excited and nervous...but it turned out great! Here's my flower girl dress!

And she was a big hit at the wedding...almost as popular as me, almost. =) I'm not into the whole too matchy-matchy look; I like coordinating rather. Look how well my flower girl coordinates with my bridesmaids. They are a beautiful bunch!

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