Tuesday, June 2, 2009

gifting my girls

Each of my girls got:

1. a canvas tote, which can also be used as a shopper bag

2. a purple jumper, to wear while getting ready for the wedding; just pull up and over, and then back down...to not disturb their hair and makeup

I got one for myself, of course.

3. flat sandals, to wear with the jumpers...some of the girls wore 'em during the reception for dancing

4. some purple heels...i like to call them slut shoes. i was searching for a pair of colorful shoes to contrast their dresses, but in the end, these looked a lil too trashy to me. but i already had them, and they were 6 pairs for $40 at Footsies. so i gifted them.

5. earrings made by yours truly..beaded tassels.

laid out in prettiness...

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