Thursday, November 20, 2008

new-ish color scheme

Remember that uneasy feeling I couldn't shake off during BM gown persisted. And I got to talking to my coordinator, who started to help me understand what was going on in my head when I was thinking of pulling off aqua and orange. Breaking it down, it seemed like I was trying really hard to rebel against wedding cliches (pink and brown, Tiffany blue, etc). And I was making it a goal of being stand out in a sea of brides.

So which color scheme would I go with then...well, if you've been following my blog, then you've seen it before. So it's not entirely new to me, but it's very different from where I was originally headed. It's a little safe, but my coordinator reminded me that being safe is better than being sorry. And she also brought up the point that I should be able to look back 50 years from our wedding day and still love everything about it, not have the feeling of "what the hell was I thinking?!" Okay, the color here it is...again:

It's the nude and plum inspiration board from this post. The main neutral colors, nude and gray will be accented by plummy colors since my wedding is in the late spring/early summer. Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs.

I'm still sitting on it for now. My coordinator suggested I wait a week to see how I feel. I've got 3 more days til that week is up. I'm still good with switching the color palette right now.

I got really lucky with my BM's gowns too. Two of my girls had not placed their order yet, so I can still change colors. I asked Siri to send me swatches of some other color considerations, and they did...lightning fast! I really appreciate it! And I loved the color swatches they sent.

with flash

without flash

without flash. for some reason, I didn't take a picture of this with flash.

I would go with Shantung in Sand (look at 1st and 2nd picture of swatches; it's the top right swatch) for the new color palette. It's a beautiful color! My coordinator has already come up with some great ideas! I'm excited all over again! It's kind of fun being back at square 1.

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Miss Sapphira said...

I like the new color combos you picked out. Very soft and romantic. But if you're not sure, I would definitely sit on it for a week.

M1 said...

So I'm wearing this new OPI color on my toes that might look good with our dress... It's the Louvre me Louvre me Not color. What do you think?

.reese. said...

M1, i have that color! hehe. I haven't tried it on yet though. But I thought it was something I would love. No wonder you're my BFF. You know me so well!