Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bridesmaid Gown Shopping

Okay, so I've been having second thoughts on the aqua and orange color palette. How did that come about? Well...my girls and I went to Siri to find the BM gown. While I let the girls pick the dress, I did have some criteria that I wanted the dress to meet: all BMs must have same dress, the choice must be unanimous, tea length, oh, and cleavage must not be visible. Here are some pix from the day:

It was a lot of fun watching them try on dresses..and funny because the samples were so huge. It was a little hard to picture them as they would fit the girls. I think stores need to start carrying smaller sample sizes in addition to the size 8 and 10 samples they carry in the store. Anyways, they finally narrowed down their choices.

These were the 2 dresses going head to head:

Francesca (left) and Harvard (right). The dresses were huge! Please excuse the length, and the humongousness of the dresses on my girls.

Well, the girls went through dress selection as jury would go through deliberations for a verdict in a case; I know because I was just part of jury. It was interesting hearing their deliberations, and I was a little surprised with their final decision but ultra happy because it was my first choice dress for them. They chose Harvard!

I love my cousin. Hehe.

So then we all picked the fabric, which had to be some type of aqua, and they preferred a contrasting belt. So they chose a parsley green to go with the aqua.

And here is where I started to feel uncomfortable. The aqua was looking so baby blue to me, and I didn't like that. I started thinking, "omg, that's not me." But I ignored that feeling. I took a bunch of pictures with my camera...hoping that the aqua would look the way I imagined. It never did.

I kept ignoring the uneasiness. We got the girls measured, and everyone would either place their order at the store or phone it in.

After coming home, I uploaded my pix onto my computer right away, and I stared and stared at them forever! It was not a pretty obsession. So then I went through my blog to figure out how I ended up here. And then I decided I was not happy with my color scheme.

Up next...new color consideration.

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mel said...

omg...it does look baby blue!!! quick...plum and gold, plum and gold! haha im jk. (aren't u glad i FINALLY know how to access your blog!)

.reese. said...

soo glad you know where to go now! phew. hehe. post coming up on color change! hehe!