Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DIY Project No. 1

The 'maids' gifts...firstly, though, I'd like it to be known that even though I knew I was going to have to wait 2 years until our wedding day, the excitement pushed me to ask everyone (almost) to be my bridesmaid. Big OOPS! It was hard to fix the mess that I'd put myself into; it gnawed at me for far too long. So bride tip #1, choose your bridesmaids wisely...and wait. I mean, really think about it...think about the expenses you'll incur times the number of 'maids you can really afford. Think about their ability to pay for the expenses, their ability to be reliable and available, and their ability to still love you after you become bridezilla. I love all my girlfriends, and if I had it my way, I'd have 12 bridesmaids. But I can only handle so much.

After I fixed that mess...I had a bridal party. They already knew who they were, but I still wanted to do something special, so I made bridesmaid gifts. I also have to say that I'm an anxious person, and sometimes, I can't wait, so unfortunately, only 3 of my 6 (did I mention I have 6 'maids?) got to experience the full effect of my gift ---> I had planned to mail the gift to each 'maid (as I love receiving things in the mail!), but I jumped the gun with my local-ish 'maids, and ended up giving their gifts...unpackaged and unpretty...but they all got the same thing, basically. =|

First, I downloaded bridesmaid info cards from after entering contact info for each 'maid.

I cut them up with my rotary cutter. I wrote all the info the girls would need regarding their attire on the cards.

I printed out my favorite dresses from Siri (where we'll be getting BM dresses), color swatches from Siri, and their shoes (Nine West Accolia in Gold).

I randomly glued the pieces to the info card. I then printed out wrap around labels, also from after entering the respective info for each BM.

I then cut them up with my rotary cutter and ran the labels through my Xyron and then affixed them to the envelope.

For the packages I was sending away to my out-of-town 'maids (they're actually all out-of-town, some closer than others though), I put the envelope inside the boxes I got from Staples, on top of the gifts which included a frame of me and the respective 'maid, a makeup bag, tools & accessories from e.l.f.

Okay, so in the madness that is my life...Dee and I were in the process of moving, so I was not able to search and print out pictures, but I included a note asking that the 'maids to insert a picture of us in the frame. <-- lame, I know I am.

I then wrapped the boxes in brown paper and tied them up with string. For the girls with these packages, The labels on the envelope said "brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things." To which you would then find the makeup and picture to mean that getting packages in the mail is one of my favorite things, as well as makeup, and that particular person...i thought it was cute. I just addressed it to the girls I already handed the gifts to. 'Maids, if you're following, I'm so sorry to not have done it all the same...i was just too darn excited!

Et Voile!

From the response (of both packaged and unpackaged gifts)...I inferred they were a hit!

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AmyJean said...

Those are awesome, makes me think I'm mistreating my bridesmaids :) you inspire me :)

M1 said...

I must add the gift was awesome and it was nice receiving a neatly packaged gift sitting at my door when I came home from work. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful. I knew something nice like that had to come from Therese. You are so talented and you really make us feel special. <3