Sunday, November 16, 2008

fit bride guide: tip #2

baby steps.

Start out slowly.

Don't overwork yourself on the first workout. It's not going to make a huge difference. So don't expect much. Get to know your body. Do a little cardio and add in a little weight training.

Need some direction? Check out This website is a community for people wanting to get in shape and stay fit. It's an awesome resource. They offer free workout routines. FREE. They have pictures and videos (you can download these to your ipod) of the exercises.

They have forums with people asking the same questions you have and trained professionals who answer your questions. I asked what workout would be most beneficial to me during my lunch hour. The trainer suggested I do the Intermediate level Full Body Fitness workouts. There are 6 Intermediate Full Body Fitness workouts, and I mixed them up everyday. I lost 18 lbs combining my workout with watching my diet.

When it came to my diet, I didn't cut anything from my diet...yet. I started out by sticking to a 1600 calorie diet, and then gradually went down to 1200 calories. And I drank lots of water. Lots and lots of water. I still do. My body started telling me what was good for me and was bad for me. I then started to avoid foods with lots of sugar (high fructose corn syrup) and trans fat. Organic is great..all natural and ingredients you can pronounce. I do allow myself to indulge once in a while. I love me some dessert! And believe me, I work it off hard to make up for it. And I try to avoid alcohol as much as I's hard, but again, there are times when you just give in.

It helps a lot that Dee is mindful of our training (yep, we totally work out together) and eating habits. So try and get your significant other to join you. The buddy system works here!

Eat breakfast! Make some oatmeal or grab some fruit.

Going out to eat? Ask the waiter to take half your order and put it in a take-out box. Ask for dressing on the side if you get a salad. Get grilled instead of fried.

Take a multivitamin. I can't remember where I read it, but studies showed that women found their hunger was suppressed longer when they took a multivitamin.

Caffeine. Controversial, but it helps...regulate the body. Also, eat lots of fiber-rich foods.

Green tea. It's negative calories. I just buy a box from the grocery store, stick my tea bag in some hot water, and drink. No sugar added.

Want some reading material? Read David Zinczenko's The Abs Diet.

It's got a lot of interesting and useful information! It's not about a diet, it's about making a lifestyle change. And don't worry, it's an easy read. It's like he's talking to you. I got my copy before they came out with a women's version. I'm not sure how they differ, but for women who have read the "male" version, it's worked. And I enjoy reading it!

Try and stick to your plan for 21 days. Doing something for 21 days consistently makes it routine behavior to you. You'll feel the difference. You'll know the next time you eat a greasy slice of pizza, that it was the wrong decision. Your body will tell you. You will see results, but be patient. You won't want to give it up after seeing results.

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AmyJean said...

I'm inspired. thanks for that great fitness post!

Tiffany said...

awesome! Just what I needed. I took a break from working out after the wedding but am getting back in it. Will check this out.