Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Admiring another inspiration board

Yes, I am totally allowed to keep admiring other inspiration boards, color choices, and themes. I hope it helps another bride out there with her color choice and theme. Oh, and yes, I'm still definitely in love with our color palette of aqua (more green than blue) and orange. It feels right for the both of us.

So here is one I stumbled upon reading Ritzy Bee:

Plum and nude. Gorgeous, isn't it? Anyways...I think this would be great for a formal evening wedding.

We're going for a more clean, modern, minimalist, and fun look. So aqua and orange is going to be perfect to work with.

Hope someone was inspired today!

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M1 said...

This is definitely a more romantic side of you, and I think this style brings back the great romance you and Dee have together. It's really warm and thoughtful. I think this will set another mood to your wedding and I'm glad you made your decision.