Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photog #1

After booking the venue, I really wanted us to book a photographer as quickly as we could. I had a running list of photographers I was interested as well as the style I was looking for. I loved the styles of Jasmine Star and Trista Lerit. Way out of our price range though. The photographers of Tempting Weddings make any moment picture perfect. And I so loved the combination of classic and artistic style of { j a c } photographers.

Well...we chose 3 photographers in our price range, set up appointments, did the cost comparison, and made our choice.

Photog 1 (P1): Fi was present to this meeting. P1 was fairly new to the wedding biz (I felt). As this was our first meeting, we expected to guided through the process by the photographer. I felt like I worked the hardest to keep conversation afloat. Graduated from college as a bio major and then turned to photography. P1 is very talented, but prices seemed high to me for P1's experience, but P1 said we could lock in 2008 prices since I contacted P1 before the price increase. 2nd photog is offered in package, but we didn't know who would shoot with P1 at the wedding or what his/her experience would be. No emotional connection. In addition, the issue of lack of timely communication was mentioned on my Knot Community Board.

Photog 2 review next up.

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