Monday, September 15, 2008

Keep the vests?

Remember the vests I got for our groomsmen?

This picture I saw on Etsy Wedding is getting me to think maybe I can keep them and incorporate them into our wedding colors:

I'm thinking my handsome groom could sport one of these striped aqua ties:

Chevronstrip - Silver/Aquas

School Stripe - Navy/Teal

Spring Stripe - Turqouoise

Polo Stripes - Aquas

and for the groomsmen...

PinDot - Turqouoise (these would match our theme well)

Herringbone - Teal

Herringbone - Pool Aqua

Herringbone - Aqua

All pictures above courtesy of The Tie Bar. I could not find any other ties that feature dots or circles that could be in line with our them colors. =(

All the guys would wear an orange bout...something really subtle.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Keep the vests or let the groomsmen wear suits too? Would you suggest something different? Would this ruin my aqua and orange theme? Help!

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Linda Ly said...


markessaxo said...

I love the original aqua/orange theme; i think it definitely holds it own. However the green that you chose makes a lovely accent color. Whichever you chose, you are totally on to something. I can so see your vision coming together!

Joyce said...

I am so glad you returned them...I like the concept, just not those vests. It doesn't look right...