Friday, September 26, 2008

Photog #3

Photog 3 (P3): P3 had a great deal for the first 5 brides who booked for 2009. P3's packages were awesome. And our meeting was really great. We talked over hot chocolate and coffee. It was refreshing to meet a vendor who didn't give me the impression that if I didn't go with them, that they could easily replace me.

You know that feeling...when the vendor doesn't want to give you more than the time of day unless you're going to book with them that instance.

Okay...more photographers I admire: Greg Bumatay shot my friend's wedding, which was an absolutely beautiful wedding...and Greg was able to capture the wedding such that every time you would look at those pictures, you would be taken back to that day and feel exactly what you were feeling that moment.

Travis Hoehne shot Mrs. Penguin's engagement pictures. His pictures are fun and definitely unforgettable.

Coming up: revealing our photographer.

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