Monday, July 21, 2008

Potential Venue Reviews

Where we're at...well, we've picked the venue, chosen a date and put that on hold...were in negotiations, and now we're gonna ask for a contract, and then we're gonna try and negotiate more. I hope this one is it. But before getting to that, let me recount the various places we looked at as potential venues for our wedding ceremony and reception. However, to go over all of them would be a very long blog post, so we'll go over a few at a time.

First venue we saw: Newport Dunes, Newport Beach, CA

We decide to take a bike to get our exercise on, and we decide to go a little further than we had originally planned. I suggest we check out Newport Dunes since it's on the way, and Fi obliges. We think it's nice, and it would be great because Fi had taken me here once on a surprise date. We watched movies on the beach. It was just sweet! And we really thought it could work out...price-wise and all!

Here's the gazebo where the ceremony would be performed. I'm looking at it from the side.

The not-so-great part...we, as in my parents and I, finally made an official appointment with the catering and events manager, and we were just not impressed. Found out that only a makeshift wall would separate us from other events (which may or may not be weddings). I really want our event to seem like it's the only one happening that day. Mom wasn't super keen on the idea of a total outdoor wedding either. And we were shocked by the parking fees and outside catering fees.

So, it was a no for us.

Other venues I'll be going over: OCMA, Arroyo Trabuco, Park Prive, El Adobe, Franciscan Gardens, RecCenter Studio, Cafe at Techspace, Lido Isle Yacht Club, Westminster Rose Center, The Villa (Westminster), Tustin Ranch Golf Club, LA Arboretum...and more that I can't remember off the top of my head...

Here we go...

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