Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have "the" dress

dress, originally uploaded by .reese.

I had "the" dress shortly after we were engaged.

Mom asked me to help her find an outfit to wear for a wedding she was going to attend. I randomly ask her if she still has her wedding dress. When she replied yes, I asked her to bring it out so that I can try it on. She starts saying that she was very small back then, and she's not sure I'd be able to fit in it. I was a little insulted! I had been losing weight this year mostly because FI was losing weight (and looking good!). I knew I could fit into her dress! She found it, brought it down, and zipped me up. Yep, it fit! Mom loved seeing me in it. I model-walked for my dad, and he had this great big smile on his face. I go back to Mom and say "I would totally wear this if you'd let me alter know, update the look." And she starts nodding. She asks me what I'd do, and I say that I would cut off the sleeves and make it into a sweetheart strapless gown. And she says "okay, let's do it."

When I get married next year, the dress will be 28 years old. I love that it's sooo vintage!

Wedding dress, check.

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ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh that is fabulous! i love it when girls wear their mothers' gowns. not only is it eco-friendly but it's also such a great tribute to your heritage!