Monday, July 21, 2008

More venues

Saw 2 venues during my lunch hour a while back; it took a little bit longer though. A friend of a friend (who happens to own her own catering company) picked me up and took me to see The Cafe at Techspace in Aliso Viejo and the Lido Isle Yacht Club in Newport Beach. I explained to her our budget and situation, and she has obliged to be very mindful of it. I feel so restricted though in what we can and can't do...but as my wonderful hubby-to-be says, it's the marriage we need to look forward to, not the wedding. *sigh*

The Cafe at Techspace in Aliso Viejo has a corporate office setting. During the day, The Cafe is a cafeteria for the buidling's employees, and on weekends, it turns into an event facility. Pictures from

Things I liked...the space was large and versatile. It didn't really look like a corporate office building inside. Lots of free parking. Guests could choose to hang out in the garden (which has a small waterfall and pond) or inside where the dance floor (won't have to pay extra for this) is. Also, if I chose, I could keep the pool table inside and allow guests to play if that's what they wanted to do. Weird, I know...a game of pool at my wedding? Tables and chairs are already provided, and they're not really at all hideous. Oh, and the bar is big! Me likey that!

Things I didn't like...It is a corporate office setting. The garden is quite small; ideally it would be where the ceremony would be held, but there's a tree smack dab in the middle where I would walk down the "aisle."

Some of my pictures:

The bar.

I like this lounge-y area.

better picture of the space.

Here's that tree...

Some garden shots below:

So that's it. I'll save the Lido Isle Yacht Club for another post.

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