Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm obsessed...

I am...I'm pretty obsessed with a bunch of things: clothes, shoes, makeup, hair products, etc. I love shopping online and finding great deals. For now, I'm pretty obsessed with planning my wedding. One year and a day ago, my boyfriend of 6 years proposed to me in a vineyard in Paso Robles. So here we are now, a year later, and a year away from our wedding (well...we're still searching for a venue, so no date yet, but it's going to be next year!). First things first though, we need to find a place to get married. So my obsession right now is finding a venue that's both fabulous and affordable.

I started a blog on The Knot, so I'll be going back to when I first started planning...a year ago. I know I'm not gonna be a bride forever, and my pretty obsessions will continue long after...so I'm here to stay! Can't wait to share what I find...and hope you can share your findings too!

So here's us...

I so cannot wait for our wedding day...whenever it is!

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