Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My love for shoes

I love shoes! I often base my outfit on the shoes I'm wearing. I buy shoes for their prettiness, and sometimes, it takes a really special occassion to bring out the babies. I don't really dress up for work, and quite frankly, I'm pretty lazy at getting ready in the morning. But I so love getting ready to go out...even if I didn't end up going out...I still enjoy the getting ready part.

Anyhow...I've got 3 potential wedding shoes...and oh lordy, I'm still on the lookout for other great looking pairs.

Gotta love Zappos and Endless for their free shipping and return shipping. And you have to love the opportunity to price match. I've been quite successful at price matching, and that's how I snagged 2 pairs of Charles Davids.

Here is Charles David Tingle. I got these at 50% off using the price match strategy. I price matched these babies at Endless with Amazon.

And here is Charles David Cristal, 20th Anniversary special edition. I would never have taken a second look at these if they weren't on sale...and even then I was still unsure, but when I looked at myself in these puppies...oh man, angels sang. These were an amazing find...more than 50% off on Amazon, but they were still selling at retail price at Zappos and Endless. I ended up getting these for over 70% off retail. Loved them soooo much, I got them in smoke too...what is wrong with me?

Meet BCBG Max Azria Idil. I first bought these for retail, but since I only bring out the big guns when necessary (and it was not necessary yet), I haven't worn them. I figure I may fall out of love with them some time, but it's okay...Zappos and Endless honor a 365-day return policy. So it's all good. Anyways...found these babies on Endless still in my size...on sale...and with an extra $20 off from their summer promotion. So now, I sooo can justify keeping them! They're funky, but they look so good!

What are some of your great finds?
And what shoes have you decided to wear for the big day?

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Darlene said...

I heard endless just recently stopped price matching to amazon which totally stinks bc they're sister-companies!

.reese. said...

oh no! I didn't hear that. =( I will count myself lucky for getting these before they changed their policy.

markessaxo said...

I am in love with the Charles David Cristals! I am supposed to be on a shoe shopping hiatus but for that price, I may just have to cheat!

Sorry, I always feel the need to chime in on shoe posts! lol