Tuesday, October 7, 2008

why i <3 { j a c }

There are lots of reasons, but here's one for now...

{ j a c } just posted their latest wedding...and the cruzy fun booth pix from that wedding!

With { j a c } ,we're going to have that fun booth at our wedding!

Yes, I still want the photobooth. Here's what I'm thinking...we're not doing the walk around each table and take pictures that no one is ever going to buy cuz they're so ugly from the undone decorations and half-eaten food. We're gonna have guests come to this fun booth and take all the pix they want. And with my kind of picture-whore friends...it'll be easy breezy to get them to do their thang! Guests will be able to check out their pix online and purchase if they like (which I'm sure they'll love)...and we'll be able to choose from pictures worthy of being put in our wedding album.

The photobooth will be our other source of entertainment...and our guests' favor. I plan to make button magnets so our guests can stick their photobooth picture on the fridge.

What do you think? Too many photobooths...or not enough? Hehe.

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