Friday, October 17, 2008

checking off...

the list so far:

1. wedding reception site - Irvine Hilton
2. colors - aqua and orange
3. photographer - { j a c }
4. my makeup artist - makeupbyliz (as highly recommended by MarkessaXO)
5. makeup for BMs, MOB & MOG - JAC Beauty
6. hair - Yvone of Loran Loran Salon at the Balboa Bay Club (she did my extensions)
7. wedding dress no. 1 - Mom's wedding gown
8. wedding dress no. 2 - that's right, I have 2 (and i got it for $35...another post)!
9. seamstress - Janet Brunton (working on the muslin garment of Mom's wedding gown)
10. wedding shoes - i've got like 4 pairs!


AmyJean said...

That's impressive. I can only hope that i get my checklist that thorough. For now, i've got my wedding planner and my caterer (my bff) and a venue narrowed down. :-/ Your list is my goal... :)

Anne K. in L.A. said...

Love your color scheme! A friend of my got married earlier this year and had that same color theme. She had a hard time explaining it to people, but it came together beautifully.
Here some photos.

I can't wait to see how you interpret such a fresh and modern color palette.