Monday, October 20, 2008

fit bride guide: tip #1

The first step I took getting into shape was making a promise to myself that I was going to stick to it.

Make a commitment to yourself. Say it out loud, and say it proud. Without commitment, you will fail. Think of it like your relationship with your special someone...except this relationship is with yourself. You need to promise yourself that you will not give up.

I would also suggest keeping this a lifelong goal. You're doing this for a better quality of life...let it last.

More tips to come. See my fitness progress again.


AmyJean said...

Agreed. Saying it out loud keeps you accountable and also, thinking of it as a lifestyle change for your health and well being is much more long lasting than a quick "diet"! I love your tip #1

.reese. said...

thank you amyjean for bringing up the point that you're not just getting yourself into a diet. don't do it to fit into a dress. do it because you want live a better life.

i think i'll have to change the title of my fit bride guide tips to something more generic. After all, it wasn't being engaged that got me to be fit.

Miss Sapphira said...

Keep up the good work on maintaining your weight! You'll look fab on your wedding day! Lol I joined a running group just so I can lose 15 pounds. Diet wise I eat pretty healthy, just eating smaller portions now.