Wednesday, October 1, 2008

To do list

1. book a dj
2. design wedding stationery (neither of us have a background in design): invitations, menus, programs, etc.
3. make buttons for our seating and place cards (half-way to come)
4. book photobooth (we are gonna have one...i want it so bad!)
5. take pro dance lessons (currently taking a social dance class at our local JC)
6. meet with my seamstress
7. find bridesmaids' gowns

This is all my brain can handle right now.


WideEyedBride said...

When's your date? I'm just starting to make my DIY list and my brain is spinning! I totally understand. :)

.reese. said...

wideeyedbride, we're getting married May 24, 2009. I feel like it's gonna go by fast though! I had a good year before we started looking for venues, and we were totally did that happen?

good luck in wedding planning to you!