Monday, October 13, 2008

Table Settings

How awesome does that look? Figure out what it is yet?

It's our sweetheart table. I must share my coordinator's wonderful ideas for our table settings. I was truly blown away, and I bow my head in shame because I had thought my ideas were good. Hers are AhhhhhhhMAZING!

Her vision of our sweetheart table: a white paillette linen (sort of a sequined table cloth), LED aqua light illuminating underneath the table amidst an orange room, vases filled with water and one floating candle lining half of the table, and orange flowers to sit in front of the vases. Can ya see it?

And then for the rest of the tables: She did two sets of ideas for showing full use of our budget and another showing a more cost-effective use of decor. Each set features a table with a low centerpiece and a high centerpiece.

Version 1: High centerpiece

Aqua table cloths. Silver chargers on top of folded orange napkins, which would hang over the table. A menu to sit on top of the charger in the shape of a circle, in color aqua. The white circles are small bread/butter plates. In the center, a large cylindrical vase. This schematic featured the vase filled with aqua tinted water and a floating flower. We're considering the vase to be filled up with fruit: oranges, kumquats, etc. Smaller vases to surround the larger vase. Then flowers strategically placed in between the vases. And tea lights spread over the table. And how awesome would this look with chiavari chairs?

Here is the low centerpiece:

This table will have 4 smaller cylindrical vases filled with various fruits.

And here is the cost-effective version, Version 2:

The only difference is that instead of the aqua table linens, we'll use the white table linens that come with our venue. We still have to double check and make sure they're full length linens.

But how wonderful does this look? God, it sounds expensive though. I might forego the silver chargers as that would be an added expense..and the chiavari chairs as well.

Check back again...I'll be doing a post on my fab coordinator! Her ideas are grand!!

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Mary said...

Hey Therese, at first I didn't get what the pics were but after reading your blog, I was like..duh! Great ideas!

Abbie said...

Both look great! If you forgo the full length aqua tablecloths, you could always use aqua overlays to save some $$.