Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Has anyone ever seen the movie Teeth? Oh's...different. It's described as a cruel comedy. I did laugh while watching it. Anyways, that not what I'm talking about though...I was just reminded of it when I went to the dentist this morning. If you've seen the movie, I don't know why I'm reminded of the movie...I think it's just the title.

Enough...I just want to say FLOSS people! And BRUSH too!

I've been pretty good about it, though, this morning my dentist found that one of my gum pockets (waaay in the back) was very loose, and she gave me a shot of antibiotic. It was expensive man! So seriously...take care of your teeth. Brush at least twice a day. I'm trying to get into the habit of brushing after lunch.

I'm motivated to take better care of my teeth because tooth decay is something that unfortunately runs in my family. My dad is without molars, and my grandpa has no more front teeth. And Dee is really good about dental hygiene. Not to mention the wedding is fast approaching...I want to show off some pearly whites fo sho! Luckily, I signed up for lifetime whitening with my dentist. I get free gel whenever I want while I'm a patient there. I hear that the whitening gels you can buy at the grocery store are just as effective though...doh!

I'm also planning on getting a cosmetic procedure done to make the calcium deposits (I was lucky to get the white spots and not the dark ones) on my teeth match the coloring of the rest of my teeth.

See the white spots...I only have it on my front two teeth though...and it's more pronounced on certain spots. Source: here

I have always wanted this fixed ever since it's become more pronounced. So wedding is a good enough excuse to get it done for me. Anyone else planning to fix their smile cosmetically for the wedding?

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Abbie said...

I didn't know you could do anything about those!! I have had white deposits on my two front teeth as long as I could remember.

Melissa said...

I didn't get it done for the wedding, but a few years ago I got veneers of my top front 6 teeth. I love them! They weren't for purely cosmetic reasons, but they really made my smile better overall. FI has some white calcium deposits on his teeth and didn't think he could get rid of them. I will have to let him know otherwise. This is Bella.Vita from The Knot boards btw:)

.reese. said...

hey bella.vita! i'll be sure to follow up on the procedure!

Cosmetic Dentistry said...

I think the woman in the movie need a dentist, not a OB.

Rayner said...

I also had my teeth done before my sister's wedding. It was an impulsive decision, actually. I wanted my smile to look awesome in the wedding photos. Ha ha! The shape of my two front teeth were a bit awkward, so I had Chicago porcelain veneers placed. I only told my folks about it after the wedding, and they got surprised! They thought I had dentures. They had no clue that it was porcelain veneers. Chicago's cosmetic dentistry works indeed!